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Hello and welcome to the Dizwell website.

If you came here looking for Oracle database tips or installation scripts, they aren't here (nor available from anywhere else, as far as I know). I gave up doing Oracle for a living in 2016 and don't intend to re-start doing it any time soon :-)

In this website, there will be some computer-related material, but only in so far as I need to write about the technical back-end to my main interest these days, which is music -listening, production and management. How you rip CDs, get the metadata correct for the audio tracks that result, what operating system makes the best audio-managing and -listening platform… that sort of thing. Definitely no Oracle!!

Thus there may be extended pieces about my primary musical loves: Bach, Britten and Vaughan Williams. But anything from Aaron Copland to Zoltán Kodály could make an appearance from time to time!

There will also be a place for my apparently never-ending project to translate all the Bach Cantatas.

And in the spirit of diary-writing, there will be occasional entries in something looking like a standard blog.

There's nothing here likely to excite the professional musicologist, let alone a computer technologist, but hopefully some of my more naive enthusiasm will rub off on someone who passes by!

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